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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What features does the Premium tier offer?

    You can search everything on Diagnostic Network. The value of this feature increases daily as our members discuss the latest in the industry, answer each other's questions, and more.

    You can create both open and closed user groups, effectively creating your own discussion topics and communities within Diagnostic Network.

    You can bookmark messages to be notified when there's new activity on the discussion, and to find the message later via your bookmarks.

    We plan on adding more Premium features as time goes on.

  • How can our company become a Partner?

    Our Partner tier offers the ability to create private user groups for your customers and employees with all of the features and benefits of our community platform, and with zero maintenance on your part. In addition, partners can have an open or closed user group that is featured on Diagnostic Network, meaning it appears in more places than usual, and new members are automatically subscribed to it.

    Partnership also offers you classy advertising opportunities that protect our members' privacy (and sanity), while still getting your message in front of a wide audience of auto service professionals.

    Please contact us for more information on becoming a partner.

  • How do subscriptions work?

    Once the subscription is started, we will charge you for your first year. Future charges will occur each year thereafter unless you downgrade to the Free plan before the end of the period. You'll receive a receipt via email each year when payment occurs.

    You can downgrade to the Free plan at any time to avoid future charges.

  • What happens if my card expires or the renewal fails?

    Our system will attempt to charge your card several times over a week-long period, before your subscription is canceled. If a card expires, banks will usually provide us with the new card information automatically, but if not, you'll receive an email if we are unable to process your subscription payment.

  • How is this different from Facebook and other communities?

    Unlike Facebook, we offer a professional environment featuring vehicle-centric discussions with proper vehicle identification, symptom, and diagnostic information, with search capabilities tailored to our industry, and a low signal-to-noise ratio. Our focus is on making a great community experience, not selling ads against your personal information. We are building features the auto service industry will love.

    And unlike a thumbs-up on Facebook, your up/down message votes on Diagnostic Network influence the level of discourse, encouraging participants to start good discussions, and to participate in a civil fashion.

    We have opened bi-directional communication channels with diagnostic tool companies and other industry partners, and are working to enable influence into the products, services, and training entering the marketplace. Any member at the Premium or Partner level can instantly create user groups on Diagnostic Network and offer a community for peer-to-peer discussion, technical support, and directly engage with everyone in the industry.