Thoughts on Autel Ultra

John Owner/Technician O'Leary, Prince Edward Island Posted   Latest  

We are in the market for universal scan tool. we have a Autel mc908, GM ,Ford ,toyota scan tools​.​and jbox. just wondering what are everyone thoughts are. on the new Autel Ultra. Thanks

Bruce Owner/Technician
New Brighton, Pennsylvania
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I'm leaning towards the 919 with standard interface without the scope/J2534 interface going into the new year, same software minus the split screen. Don't use the J2534 much, mostly factory tools and already have 2, 4 channel and 1, 2 channel scopes. The Ultra is larger than I want to toss around in a car and the multifunction interface as well is larger. No price on the updates yet as far as I…

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Steven Owner/Technician
Syracuse, New York
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I've had the ultra for a while I like the big screen. My eyes are getting older so it's nice. It's the same tool as the elite software wise. The vci is the biggest difference. I bought the standard wireless vci($200) so I didnt have to use the larger one unless I need scope functions or the signal generator. I've always used cardaq j2534's bc they have outstanding customer service software and…

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Israel Mobile Technician
Chicago, Illinois
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I have own the ultra for a few months, had the elite before; I would say that for diagnostic purposes it offers more. The VCI being a scope, multimeter, sensor signal generator and a j-box gives you more options for testing specially communication problems, the software also offers a communication topology that can be use on most vehicles overall for the price you get a well equipped tool.

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Chris Diagnostician
Lansdale, Pennsylvania
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I have the Ultra and I do like it. As mentioned already, the tablet and VCI are both extremely large. It's understandable given the functions of the VCMI (4 channel scope/signal generator, built-in battery, J2534 capabilities) and the trend towards increasingly larger screens. I love the network topology layout as a visual reference (not available on every single vehicle but most). Fully system…

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Robert Technician
Tulsa, Oklahoma
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I bought one about 2 months ago after being backordered for about 2 months its a great tool im still learning all the things it can do. I also bought the cop adapter kit and the non-obd adapter kit as well. I like the autel tools they are very thought out tool I also just bought an im608 immobilizer scan tool with an apb 112 key simulater I here that in dec or jan there releasing the tbe 200…

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Greg Technician
University Place, Washington
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I have the 919. Smaller version without scope. It is definitely faster than my elite. But you can’t speed up the car processors. Ford and Subaru still lagging. I use my small OBD 2 connector from my elite seems to work. I noticed that you have to keep connecting to WIFI each time you start it to get the online code help (which seems to be better than other more expensive scanners). I’m sure if I…

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