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I have identifix repair info. Looking for one more tech / labor info with good wiring diagram etc. I reached out to All Data salesman. I got a price of $179.00 a month up to 5 ports. Any thoughts and does that sound like a decent price per month. 

Thank you in advance. Happy Thanksgiving.

Daryll Diagnostician
Seymour, Tennessee
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Contact your Snap-On rep to ask the DSD to set you up on a 2 week trial of Shopkey Pro. Works very well and is easy to navigate, much better than Alldata

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Matt Owner/Technician
Grand Rapids, Ohio
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We pay 150 per month. But have cancelled our subscription due to the search not working properly, and there is alot of missing information especially on bmw and mercedes benz.

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Gerardo Owner
Schaumburg, Illinois
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I think you can get better pric.

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Eric Owner/Technician
Edgerton, Wisconsin
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I've used Identifix and thought it was very good. What is it you don't like about Identifix?

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Rick Owner/Technician
Sarasota, Florida
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No problems with indentfix just looking for a nother source of information.

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Frank Service Manager
Las Vegas, Nevada
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Yes. Going rate. Join a service group like ASA. You’ll get a discount on Alldata and priceless information from ASA asashop​.​org

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Michael Mobile Technician
Clinton, Utah
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I would not say it is fantastic but Motologic is getting better all the time. May be good for a backup.

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Tanner Instructor
Wellford, South Carolina
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I second Michael, motologic. I use identifix and motologic as well as the oe service websites when i need them. Between motologic and identifix I don't need to use the oe stuff that often. Sometimes on identifix they will have one page of a document and not the rest, motologic will have the rest and all the repair/diag info is taken directly off the oe sites. The color wiring diagrams in

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