Revisiting - Reprogramming GM Vehicles Not Using TIS2Web

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After posting this here GM agreed to make the changes for the vehicles I requested. Thank you!

I've been trying since July to get three of his new truck pur…s have changes made to get the OLM back and for one of them to have the tow/haul switch default to off. AC Delco/GM flat out said no to the request and pushing this a little further they said they would escalate this further. I find this odd as all these Savana vans all came with what has been requested, except for the ones that Penske bought and asked for the changes.

VIN numbers 1GD07RFF8G1229862 & 1GD07RFF0G1250432 need changes in the IPC to restore the OLM and VIN 1GD374CG8F1200714 needs RPO 5G8 : CALIBRATION - ACTIVATION 'ON' changed to ACTIVATION 'OFF' which is done in the TCM, as well as the OLM restored.

The owner of these vehicles has been waiting for me/this to happen, but one of these vehicles is in the shop right now and would be nice if this vehicle - 1GD07RFF0G1250432 could be taken care of today.

Thank you,

Scott Owner

I talked to my AC Delco representative and his higher ups got this taken care of. Not a simple process and it took some time. In my mind it goes back to these vehicles would have had what was being requested, other than Penske asked for the changes. All's well that ends well - I guess. Sigh

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