Fault B2799

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2007 Toyota Camry CE 2.4L (2AZ-FE) 5-spd (E351)
Crank / No Start

History of vehicle is unknown used car lot aquired it? tried throwing some parts and then towed to me. Fault #B2799 engine immobilizer is current in ECU, no faults stored in immobilizer module. Initially the key was in 2 pieces when it arrived:) I replaced and register a new key also verified VIN # stored in ECU matchs vehicle-Security light goes out when key is inserted now. Fault still current - At ECU connector A24 pin 11 (IMI) I have 0 volt with key out of cylinder and a nice square wave key on ( pic 1) . 

At pin 10 (IMO) 12v with no key in cylinder and a duty cycle with key on but only for about 2-3 second and then it goes back to 12v ( pic 2 ) -- hoping someone knows theses signals better than me. Thank you! 

Nollan Technician
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Have you performed ecu communication ID registration? If transponder ecu or ecm have been replaced, this is a necessary step.

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Christopher Technician
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As Nollan said, you'll need to do the ID registration, but I'd recommend 35 minutes, not 30 (and no more than 45).

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Earl Mobile Technician
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Do not let this code lead you in the wrong direction. Toyota vehicles will set this code when a crank, no start occurs.

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Michael Mobile Technician
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The last one I had took 45 minutes to reset. 30 minutes just repeated the B2799 code. Short DLC pins 4 and 13.

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Joseph Technician
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Hey Bill, You probably have this one straight by now, but I can confirm that's what you need to see scope wise, I had an avalon the same year with a bad pcm a couple of weeks ago my after shots look like what you have. Also when doing the reset I have read that sometimes physical jumpering of 4 and 13 doesn't always work but you can "virtually" jump those pins with a scan tool under special

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Bill Owner/Technician
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Jumping DLC terminals for 35 minutes worked. No more B2799 fault. ( Yesterday I jumped them but got distracted by another vehicle and let it for +1 hour it did not work out) thanks ! Now on to the next problem.... No more Immobilizer issues... I have NO spark on cylinders 1&2. (3&4 ok) proved the ignition coils And found NO IGT signal from ECU to #1 &2 . Fuel injector is being

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