Acdelco SPS cost now includes tax

Keith Diagnostician Collinsville, Oklahoma Posted   Latest   Edited  

Although this is only a small change, for those that have used the "New" TDS website, when purchasing VIN blocks you have noticed you are now charged tax for each block. This was not the case at least for me with the old Sabrix checkout system. 

Just something to factor when looking at the cost of programming. 

"If you don't count the pennies and nickels.... the dollars won't matter"

Danny Diagnostician
Woodbridge Township, New Jersey
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Noticed this an hour ago when programming. We shouldn’t be charged tax since this is for resale. Should be a way to enter tax ID number.

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Richard Owner/Technician
Dallas, Texas
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I agree

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Richard Owner/Technician
Dallas, Texas
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I have paid sales tax on the old site. When did the new site come up? I programmed one last week and went to the same site as it's bookmarked on my laptop.

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Jeff Diagnostician
Yakima, Washington
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I had noticed that right off the get go, I called and told them that it seems like a double Taxation the lady told me the it is considered a service and that is the way they have been advised to do it. In my opinion it is double taxation cause we pay the tax then the customer pays the tax again. It should Be tax exempt when dealing with a shop that has a tax id number.

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Steve Diagnostician
Heath, Ohio
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for those of us who perform mobile programming, i figured that with their new pricing strategy, this will cost several thousand dollars more per year. way to go!!!

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Chris Diagnostician
Lansdale, Pennsylvania
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Steve, Shoot over to this post started by John Rogers. He is accumulating a list of people (mainly VSPs) that would like GM's old subscription service back. Post a comment with thoughts, etc over on that thread. It will help all of us.

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Glen Owner/Technician
Arthur, Illinois
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Keith, Do you know what type of tax is being charged? eg. Retail tax, use tax

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