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2011 Buick LaCrosse CX 2.4L (C LAF) 6-spd (6T45)

Whine noise coming from engine front cover, this happens when vehicle is hot, sounds like a bearing, removed drive belt to see if it was still there it is, this vehicle has 23000k

Ross Owner/Technician
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Good Morning There is a bulletin for a whine noise in timing chain caused by the balance shaft tensioner. PIP3535C Dec 19 2017 Hope that helps

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Scott Owner
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Hi Anthony, Was a water pump recently replaced, or any other engine work, (head, timing chain) and that is when the noise started? This happens when the tool J43651 is not used, or is used incorrectly. It sounds like the front cover will need to be removed and the balance shaft tensioner will need to be reset. The PIP Ross mentioned is now PIP3535D.

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Anthony Owner
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The vehicle has had no engine work done to it, no water pump done, sound ok when first started but slow starts to whine when vehicle gets warm, has 15000miles.

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