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In the year since I joined Diagnostic Network, I’ve been listening carefully to the discussions regarding education, technician training, and retention. The organization I work for (…) has been delivering automotive training for 20+ years, but historically we’ve focused on secondary and post-secondary education.

We knew that if we wanted to effectively train professional technicians, we would need to do it differently than we do for high school students. We also wanted to deliver training differently than it has ever been done before.

First, we wanted to eliminate the one-size-fits-all approach to training and use adaptive learning technology to provide each tech a unique learning experience. Next, we wanted to provide technicians the opportunity to learn without leaving their workstations, and train them via 3 - 5 minute sessions that are delivered to their smartphones each day. We also wanted to make the training experience engaging for the techs by using concepts such as individual competition, team-based competition, and rewards. Lastly, we wanted to capture technician knowledge/learning data at a level not achieved before, and leverage analytics tools to help drive business decisions.

We achieved these goals and more, and have recently released … | Technician. I look forward to working alongside many of you to push the envelope on technician training and make a positive impact on our industry. We'd love the opportunity to connect with you and share this new take on training your technicians.

Glen Owner/Technician

David, I seem to be overlooking the pricing info can you point me in the right direction

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David Manager

Hi Glen - The pricing isn’t posted on the site at this time because it may vary based on the number of users, amount of training content that is accessible, and the term of the agreement. But, to cut to the chase and provide an example, for 1) access to ALL of our content (Electrical, HVAC, Safety, Engine Performance, Engine Repair, Brakes, etc, etc), 2) access to the rewards and engagement

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Dr. Engineer

Hi David: How effective is your training approach for students that do not have experiences to leverage with new technologies/concepts? Example: We (FutureTech Auto, LLC) have found that, with students learning about hybrid and electric vehicles, there are no/limited previous experiences to leverage in learning the hybrid and electric vehicle content. Therefore, a 100% classroom (hands-on)

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Michael Owner/Technician
New Jersey

It looks interesting. However, I do prefer hands on/classroom training and always have. Then there is the issue of being visually challenged-In other words, old and blind.

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