uScope Resources 6.3.x

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I have started this post to provide a centralized uScope information resource for the Diagnostic Network. It will be updated with new information and content as it becomes available. As I wrote when I first posted, I am here to help. If you have questions I will do my best to help or get you the information you need. Feel free to ask uScope questions in line on this post. It is my goal to maximize everyone's use of the this tool. 

Here you will find update instructions for users who have owned uScope for awhile, tutorials for users getting the latest software (6.3.x), and even the occasional educational video or technical article.




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Cliff Diagnostician

I have a 1st generation Uscope and I no longer have a PC with windows 7 as it states to do with my version as the instructions state. Is there any other way to do that? Firmware version 3.29D Thanks for your assistance in advance.

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Justin Technical Support Specialist

Cliff, If you no longer have access to a windows 7 machine with a uScope of firmware 3.29, The best option is to contact … about sending it in for the upgrade. The turn around time is rather quick. Email: … or Carlos, Daniel, or Scott by phone … and they will get you setup to ship it in for upgrade. If I were closer, I would do the upgrade myself.

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