2009 Dodge Caliber SRT4

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2009 Dodge Caliber SRT-4 2.4L (F ED4) 6-spd (DMT6) — 1B3HB68F69D151229
Grind From 3-4 Gear

So a little back story on this car. The car wouldn't start and ended up being typical wiring for the and ran and drove good and ended up needing minor stuff and then had you could smell the clutch burning up so ended up doing that and the flywheel then had a timing chain code and I knew sometimes with these cars bad oil can cause it did a motor flush hoping and well it came back so ended up doing chains. Then drove it and the car runs great but from 3-4 gear is grinds a little and these are known for Synchros. So dropped the transmission to look and see which Synchros and I can't even get to inspect everything because the Allen Head is impossible to get off. I've tried Milwaukee ½ Gun, Airgun ½ Gun and I can't get it to break free,

It ended up needing the following.

-Oil Pan -Control Arms -Swaybars -Front O2 Sensor -Clutch -Flywheel -Timing Chains/Guides/Phasers

After it was all said and done drove it 

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Could it be reverse threaded? — Dave

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According to Alldata you are correct, left handed thread. good call.

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Looks like they are left hand thread.

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My repair manual says that has left handed threads…

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Well, you my friend are a god… Thanks a ton. Reverse Thread…

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Grinding on these is common mostly because of dealing with abuse and a poor syncronizer design for the application. The thin graphite plating just doesn't hold up plus the type of lubrication used wasn't the best combination. There is a high ZDDP high molybdenum content engine oil that is found to greatly help this situation and be able to tolerate the abuse better. It is Mobil 1 High Mileage…

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