2004 Toyota Prius re-seed security system

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2004 Toyota Prius 1.5L (1NZFXE)—JTDKB22U240041850
Keyless Remotes Inop

I'm suspecting smart key ECU. I did can network check with techstream all modules are communicating. I have 4 available smart remotes all inop none will lock or unlock, or start the vehicle. I already check the smart button under the steering wheel on live data is working on and off when press, when vehicle first came in live data showed subkey and master key unregistered, so I did handshake with immo unit and now master key shows registered, vehicle starts only if key is inserted in slot all have silver logo and batteries have been replaced. small battery load tested and fully charged, has a factory Toyota battery, anyone mobile in south Orange county CA with locksmith license. That can do a reseed on immobilizer> I have techstream and master tech only with regular subscription.


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Hey Luis. I'm sure I can give you hand. If you would like send me a email …


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The … Prius is a unique system. If car starts with all remotes when "in the slot" immobilizer is all setup properly. New virgin remotes from dealer can easily be added to Smartkey system for "in your pocket" functionality after after all fobs are first registered with immobilizer and work in the slot.

If remotes are USED (i.e. previously paired to different car) you need to reset smartkey system in order to register them with this car. (Smartkey is a different section in Techstream) You can purchase Toyota/Lexus passcodes from web vendor below if you don't have locksmith credentials. 5 tokens good for 5 passcodes for 25 Euros (around $30).


Most other Toyota / Lexus vehicles with Smartkey remotes do not have a separate immobilizer section to do first, everything is done via the Smartkey system in Techstream. Most other Toyota/Lexus remotes can be sourced as reset/viriginized/unlocked so you can easily ADD them to car without reseeding or locksmith credentials. You'll only need a seed/passcode when you have a "lost all keys" situation, or have USED smartkey remote and no way to reset the remotes yourself.


Luis from Lake Forest



Vehicle was sent out to dealer to perform reseed and they still had trouble programming remotes. I replaced the smart key control unit and program 2 new remotes. system works as designed now will recognized key wirelessly and start the vehicle