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Hello out there to everyone, hope everyone is safe and healthy. I'm wondering if someone has a guide to using jlr sdd. i've paid for the diagnostics subscription and seem to be unable to access it via sdd. Just wondering if theres something im missing. When i attempt to log in with sdd it takes me to internet explorer where i put in my account info, it then asks me for my lsid(which seems odd) i enter it even though i am not programming keys and i get a invalid subcription message. I sure do wish there was a phone number i could just call to simplify my life.

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I had the same issue a few weeks back, and it took Jaguar's CS people that long to respond. You need a programming subscription, which is different and on a different page: topix​.​jlrext​.​com/topix/product… Once you have that paid and verified, then you'll be able to log on via SDD. I am NASTF credentialed, so I haven't tried to log on without using our code generated…

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I have used the SDD as well. It took some time to get set-up. I know that you had to register on TOPix for a subscription then. Once you open SDD is should ask you to input your used name. This system for the aftermarket was painfully slow the last time I used it though.

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I hope you find what you need attached .

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Thanks for the replies and that attachment that Robert has added will get a thorough read. as it would turn out i was misled by the web site purchase as indicated by Kyle. Sure would be nice if they would make Topix easier to understand when subscribing for SDD. Thanks again

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