TST 16th annual Big Event

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Hey everybody it's the mobile guy Hey we are about 1 month away from the 16th annual TST 2019 big event. this event is happening March 30th 2019. If you haven't signed up I would recommend that you do so now there'll be three great instructors ,several vendors and there will be plenty of raffles. You will also get the digital handouts on a tablet and that's yours to keep! You will be served two meals you'll be able to network with over 500 people. one of the reasons I'm bringing this to you is take a look at the photo .I drove around to several different repair shops in my area and I came across quite a few signs that had this description or something close to it. guys if you work for an outfit that advertises free diagnostics, your shop is doing the industry a disservice and also you are losing out on an income opportunity .If the shop your working in has qualified technicians there's no reason they should be giving away free diagnostic work. when's the last time you went to the doctor and he told you what's wrong with you and didn't charge you ?Tool's and training cost money. So up your diagnostic game and come out and attend this great training opportunity and bring back what you learned to your shop so you can be more proficient and repair vehicles more efficiently then ever before. The networking opportunity alone at the big event is by far one of the best investments you can get. I hope to see and meet all of you at the big event. Come up and introduce yourself and by doing that you will have started the network working process!

Leo Technician
New York

I wouldn‘t miss it, Edwin, see you there. Your presentation last year was great, by the way. And as for the free diagnostics: any company that uses an upside down “M” as a “W” is doing themselves a disservice, not to mention the rest of the industry.

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Michael Owner/Technician
New Jersey

Ditto on a disservice to the rest of the industry. I have a local shop that does this now and customers look at me like I am ripping them off. The other shop is usually wrong and throws parts at it until they give up or get lucky. Somehow they forget about that though.

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Arsalan Manager
District of Columbia

- If its free then its not a diagnostic. its GUESS WORK :)

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