VOLVO C70 2007 top roof convertible

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2008 Volvo C70 T5 2.5L (B5254T7) 5-spd (AW55-51)
Top Roof Not Working


i receive this volvo c70 2008 with roof open and can not close,when i press roof close buttom i can hear the hydraulic pump working ,but roof not moves.

no faults codes .

i have a warning message on the instrument (ROOF NOT LOCKED)

plz advice and help to do correct diagnostic.


Daniel Technician
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Check all the micro switches for latches and trunk cover exc. If you have a enhanced scan tool it would make it much easier by looking at the pics for each switch.

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Mihail Technician
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Check for fluid leaks and correct amount of fluid in the reservoir. If all is good mechanically, then the problem is most likely with a broken wire or a microswitch. Most of the problems we see with roofs are from broken wires - they brake where they flex the most around hinges, Usually broken wires set fault codes but not always. Good luck.

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Randy Diagnostician
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I have always found check fluid first

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Sadel Owner/Technician
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There is a "calibration" procedure that needs done in order for the top to start working on its own. As long as there is truly no codes in the convertible top module present (as you stated). Also you must make sure that the hydraulic pressure is not in its "released" state. There is a cable that is under the rear seat that when pulled releases the pressure and lets the top be manually operated…

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Aly Diagnostician
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Hi , roof working now,I find the presssure release valve on release state. thank you all

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