An Industry Leader Needs Our Help — Mitch Schneider

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Hello everyone,

A friend, colleague, and industry leader needs our help. This past Saturday I learned that Mitch Schneider is about to have a bone marrow transplant the first week of April 2019. Mitch's son Ryan posted a video on Facebook recently with the following information for anyone local to the City of Hope in Duarte, CA. 

Hey everyone,

I hope you take a moment to watch my brief video first for context about the words you see below in this post. I realize the news may be a shock to some of you, so I wanted to share it “face to face” as best I could.

Tl;dr: WE NEED BLOOD AND PLATELET DONATIONS FOR MITCH SCHNEIDER. Please share this post as you see fit!

*Blood and platelet donations are especially important for a bone marrow transplant. Given that my dad’s transplant is scheduled for Tuesday, April 2, our IDEAL need is for blood donations between March 20-March 31.*

The Donor Center would like to have donations made to this account: Mitch Schneider, MR# …, 8/23/1946.

The donation center is at the City of Hope, in Duarte. You MUST make the donation there.

Here’s the phone number to make an appointment to donate: … Please check with them to see if you are eligible to donate before you go.

Mitch’s blood type is A+, but you do not necessarily need to be A+ blood type to donate​.​If you are Type A or O (+ or -) you are eligible. More info here: iDonateBlood4Hope​.​org

Mitch is also maintaining a Vlog on YouTube which can be accessed here:







Jaxon Technical Support Specialist
Stafford Heights, Australia
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Mitch, I am a little to far away to send blood, I wish and hope for a speedy recovery for you, mate. Bless you.

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Charles Instructor
Fitchburg, Massachusetts
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Good morning my friend I'm holding my cup of coffee and wishing we were closer to help.....Paula and I pray for a speedy recovery and for you to know there are alot of people out here doing the same. May the Good lord watch over you and your family Remember it's your turn to buy coffee and I am holding you to it! Paula and Chuck Pearson

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James Owner/Technician
Pike, Pennsylvania
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Mitch, I've had my shop for forty plus years now and will always remember how reading your articles helped me understand and deal with the perils of owning and operating a shop, It was important to know that we all dealt with different types of customers and that maybe sometimes some of the problems we experienced were not all of our doing and how best to handle them. You were definitely a

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Jim Manager
Portland, Oregon
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My all time favorite Mitch S. "customer relations" column: In Mitch's telling, he is on a creeper, under a car, when a pair of feet present themselves within view. A customer proceeds to berate him, unseen, regarding some perceived gross error that includes a litany of Mitch's personal failings. Mitch roles out from beneath his project and tells the customer, "It will be far easier for me to

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Cliff Diagnostician
Santa Maria, California
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It is sad in today's world we can't donate blood anywhere and choose who gets credit for it. I hope that there are enough people to help this excellent automotive individual who has given many of us insight in running a shop and given us some laughter through his articles.

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Bruce Manager
Lansdale, Pennsylvania
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Mitch, I have met you several times over my career at …. I have listened to you speak at conventions and such. I have read your articles with great interest. It is my wish and prayer that you would be strong through the difficulties ahead; that you would know that you have many many friends pulling for you and wishing they could do something to ease the burden. Yet being the practical

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James Technician
Santa Barbara, California
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My families thoughts and prayers are with Mitch and his family for a great outcome. He has been a gift to the auto repair industry, one difficult to repay. Unfortunatly, I recently had surgery and then complications. The “fix” I found out has made my blood unusable for Mitch, for now. i can only hope enough people are able to donate to cover his needs, as well as others. if anyone is in

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John Owner
Medford, New York
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Mitch, I heard through the grapevine that you were not feeling well. I am sorry to hear. I wish I were closer to help out. I would like to tell you something that is long overdue and I lament not doing it sooner. I read your articles religiously when I was a young tech. Your articles instilled professionalism in me that I carry to this day. You also cemented my ideals to stick to your guns

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