Running compression and intake manifold pressure, Idle to High RPM, waveform

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This request is for people lucky enough to have access to two WPS500 pressure transducers. I would like to calibrate a high-rpm model, so please try the following with an automotive Picoscope for a 4-cylinder NA gasoline engine in good working order, warmed up before the test.

  1. First WPS500 is in Range 2 (no Zoom), connected to the Intake Manifold. Set channel range to +/-20psi.
  2. Second WPS500 is in Range 1, -55..500psi, connected using the supplied compression hose for the in-cylinder pressure test. Disable fuel injection for that cylinder. Disable ignition for that cylinder or use it for ignition sync in a manner that is safe for the ignition system and the oscilloscope.
  3. [Optional] Ignition sync.
  4. [Optional] It would be absolutely fantastic if you had a BNC splitter and could route signal from the in-cylinder pressure transducer to another channel with Channel Range set to -25..100psi (for better precision at lower pressure values).

Perform the following experiment:

  1. Start the engine, let the rpms settle. Start the capture.
  2. Jump in the car, bring engine rpm to … rpms gradually within 5 seconds, release the accelerator.
  3. Wait a few seconds, then snap the throttle fast, release when rpms reach … Stop the capture.

PsData captures are to be performed at 2 sec/div timebase, Number of samples box: 5MS. Both Idle and Throttle Snap events should be present on one 20-second screen.

Please include engine details. Valve timing info would be helpful.

Thank you,


Q. Why Picoscope? A. I can export data and process it using technical computing tools.

Q. Why WPS500? A. I need fast response for the snap throttle part.

Q. Why 4-cylinder? A. I do not want too many events to overlap.

Jürgen Owner
San Cristóbal de las Casas, Mexico
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Dimitry, not interested in bounty and so on..... Don't have WPS either......BUT: I do have 2 Px35 in-cylinder pressure transducers which are fast enough and the usb autoscope IV. If this is something that could help you I will do your required test. Actually the autoscope software features a script with a similar test procedure and evaluation. Let me know,

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Dmitriy Analyst
Toronto, Ontario
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Hi Jürgen, using Px35 transducers would be an interesting comparison, even though I wouldn’t be able to export and process the results the same way as with Picoscope. One of the goals is to assess conclusiveness of high-rpm in-cylinder pressure waveforms, which is, as you pointed out, is related to the Px script in Autoscope. To upload an mwf file you would need to zip it first. Thank…

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Brian Instructor
Parma, Ohio
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Dmitriy , I will ask around if I can borrow 2nd wps from someone in my area. I would be more than happy to do this. I have 2004 civic with a 1.7 that has cable throttle so nice snaps. I am interested in what can be learned here let us know.

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Dale Diagnostician
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
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Wish I had a 4 cylinder and it wasn't so darn cold outside. Have the recently acquired wps but have yet to sit down and go over use, etc to get familiar with it.

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Dmitriy Analyst
Toronto, Ontario
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Hi everyone, the system asks me to post a ‘Delay’ note, so here it is. Thanks to everyone interested in the topic, hope to hear from you soon regarding the waveforms. The bounty is increased to 5 DNTs.

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Florin Technician
Niagara Falls, Ontario
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Hi Dimitriy, I have the Pico Scope and the WPS500 in the shop and I will probably have a 2010 Honda civic in the shop in the next couple of days and since this is a slower time for business might be a good time for playing and experimenting. I will get back here when I have some results for you. Hopefully this will help everybody else who is using the scope.

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Pj Technician
Pleasant Hills, Pennsylvania
Pj Resolution

Hey Dmitriy! I have 2 waveform captures. I saved one unfiltered and the other filtered. I hope that these help and I can't wait to see what you find with them. diag​.​net/file/f6tleosc7… ​ diag​.​net/file/f7ihqpivk… ​

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Dmitriy Analyst
Toronto, Ontario
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Fantastic captures, Pj, thank you very much!

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Vasiliy Engineer
Vinnytsia, Ukraine
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Hi Pj, I analyzed your waveform with the Px script. Here are the results:

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