Lindertech North Big 4 Day Fall Training Toronto, Ontario

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I am excited to announce the BIG 4-DAY LINDERTECH TRAINING EVENT. The 14th annual Lindertech North fall session is back in Toronto for October 2-5th. This is management and technician training by top instructors in the industry. Rick White, John Shewbridge, Niel Speetjens, Scot Manna and John Thornton will lead the training. Once again the best of the best and we are honored to have such quality and expertise returning to Toronto. Class will be split between Cochrane Automotive and the Hilton Garden Inn. 

  • Rick White will be teaching Wednesday's session with 'Service Advisor A to Z Master Class'
  • John Shewbridge is a trainer for Hunter Engineering. He will be teaching "Modern Alignment Techniques" during Thursday morning.
  • Niel Speetjens is the technical Training Manager for the ZF Group. He will teach the Thursday afternoon session; 'Modern Chassis Technologies'
  • Mr. Scot Manna will have a full Friday teaching 'BMW Valvetrain Systems & Driveability Diagnostics'
  • John Thornton's Saturday morning session will be 'Push Button Ignition' and the afternoon training topic will be 'Gasoline Direct Injection Update: Operation & Diagnostics'

Once again we are extremely excited to have such a great training event coming to Toronto. Thank you to all the trainers for coming up north to share their expertise and knowledge. And a huge thank you to the techs, owners and managers for taking time out of your busy schedules to allow to to happen.

Special thank you to Leah and John Cochrane for their hard work, dedication and passion for this industry. These two are the heart and soul of this industry. Words can't express how amazing these two are. 

Any questions please message me; … or text … OR contact Leah Cochrane @ … or …

Thank you for supporting local training.

David Instructor

Leah and John Cochrane do a great job with this event. All Canadians should all go. American with a passport but not keen on crossing an international border? Definitely worth it just to learn from Scott Manna and John Thornton!

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