Hino aftermarket softwares

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2013 Hino 195 5.0L (JO5E-TP 210hp)

I got here one that might end up going to the dealer next door. We use snapon HD scanner. Jpro. No code stored. Using the little autel through obdchec I got some permanent code (I got a attachment for that). Any guys here have a preferred scantool that would cut it. I was considering the texa for a while with now their new jbox. No interest in the autel CV. I'm not looking for any advice on the diag part. Mass air flow cleaned. Communication on the nix sensor is good but the PPM on Jpro and autel displayed the same but maxed out. Which I don't believe the PID is correct. No way to see any real exhaust/emission data. We did flush the tank. And the def quality is set related to mass air flow. Temp sensor and nox. We just don't know if we could see a quality report% as a PID in either doser module(which we can't access). Mileage is low 138k

Austin Diagnostician

ive been using the TEXA for a little while now. its definitely not the smoothest operating device on the market. but its been able to do stuff on isuzu’s and fuso’s that jpro hasnt been able to.

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Adam Manager

Have a look at CanDo - Has good coverage for the Japanese stuff over here in Australia.

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Jamie Owner/Technician

My Maxisys Elite hasn't let me down on Hino yet

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Tyler Owner
South Carolina

We can always rent you a TEXA or Cojali for $400/month as an option. The new TXT box for TEXA (Multihub) won't be available for several months, maybe even Q2 (Component shortages…). You could also purchase the HINO software and get that installed today, as long as you have a Nexiq USBLink 2 laying around. Another tip: Head to Diesel Repair (repair​.​diesellaptops​.​com)…

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Jake Technician

Have you looked at the OE software? That software has got as few “holes” as you're gonna find. In case you havn't, It's not cheap, but it's not expensive either…. You will need an interface and a cable too. OBD link II is factory, and about as universal as it gets for medium/heavy trucks. They sell it, or you can get it slightly better if you shop around. (Discount ones from online discounters…

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Kevin Technician

The Hino dealer is right 1 block away from our location. We do their alignment, but customer realize now that they make a markup and now I do see a few. We are rigged for pretty much everything OE. Fuso, isuzu, cummins,cat,Detroit, wabco etc. For aftermarket scanner we have few option as jpro and snapon (we call it the Wal-Mart scanner as it there but only for triage purpose). We cleaned mass…

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Zack Owner/Technician

Using jpro for anything other than a door prop is a waste of time. In my experience, the Japanese trucks are pretty spotty coverage wise on most aftermarket tools. Having a good rp1210 adapter and oem software is usually the best solution.

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