Transmission not engaging

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2014 Jeep Patriot Limited 2.4L (B ED3) 6-spd (6F24)

The story is : Replaced the engine in this Jeep due to old engine throwing a rod out the side of the block. Then we started to test drive vehicle to reset all monitors to go have vehicle smogged ( California). Vehicle drove fine for 3 days with no issues. This morning- took it to refuel vehicle when all of sudden while I was cruising in 5th gear the RPM’s skyrocketed! Pressed the gas pedal a little to see what was happening and trans was slipping. No gear engagement in all gears. Didn’t hear any grinding or popping or groaning just acted up. Scanned vehicle as it had illuminated CEL and found P1715: Restricted passage when in gear T3 . Have any of you experienced this before??

Allan Mechanic
Westlock, Alberta
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Sounds like you didn’t perform the correct trans full procedure

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Steve Owner
El Cajon, California
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Seems like there is TSB relating to internal oil filter?? Not in front of my information right now

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Daniel Owner
Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina
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A misaligned manual valve, as this code indicates, is likely due to a misaligned bracket on the exterior of the transmission. During the several days of driving (without having noticed the other indicators) the internal transmission has been getting starved of fluid, as the manual valve was never seated properly for the engagements. Expect further issues. To start, go through your diag tree with…

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