U261A-60 CAN data /configuration setup mismatch

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2010 Ford Expedition Limited 5.4L (5) 6-spd (6R80)

Has anyone seen this code? Replaced instrument cluster with new Ford, program cluster, learn keys perform PMI. Truck starts and runs but has DTC U261A-60 stored in cluster. Only info I have found so far is CAN data/ configuration setup mismatch. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Richard Owner/Technician
Largo, Florida
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- this issue before on 2 different car and 2 different fixes. 1. Had to program the Smart Junction Box, when programming the instrument cluster to the newest release the SJB has to updated also. 2. Reprogrammed the IC a second time.

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Kevin Technician
Winnipeg, Manitoba
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The IC and Smart Junction Box (SJB) configuration do not match. Has the SJB been replaced before? Either way id suspect you need to check and see if the Smart junction box needs to be updated with the latest calibration? I assume you performed a parameter reset? I would suspect once you check/perform the programming on the SJB or IPC again your code will be gone.

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Matt Technician
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as others have stated when replacing an IC you have to make sure the Smart Junction box is also updated. There should have been steps stated to do during the PMI procedure for refreshing vehicle data and doing setup. I recently replaced a cluster and there were more steps then what you listed here just to replace the cluster.

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Chris Technical Support Specialist
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If there is an option to asbuilt in the programming menu you can try that first. it will just adjust the configuration you shouldn't have to redo the keys. If you still have the original cluster and it communicates, best practice to start a new session with the old cluster in and switch to the replacement Cluster when directed in the PMI (programmable module installation).

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Paul Mobile Technician
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Can't remember exactly what the vehicle or circumstances were without referring back to my working notes for previous vehicles but do remember having to perform a vehicle configuration relearn on some Fords after programming to eliminate some lingering codes, Similar to a Chrysler "restore vehicle configuration". It was down at the bottom of the IDS screen. Service functions maybe. Sorry for not

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Chris Technical Support Specialist
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I think that is an issue on newer vehicles with central configuration. I think a 2010 Exped is too old for that on that model.

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Allan Instructor
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Allan Update

Thanks to Richard, Kevin, Matt, Chris and Paul. The original cluster was dead. As built data fixed it. Everything is good now.

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