2017 Chevy Silverado electrical short

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2017 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Custom 5.3L (C L83 Gas) 6-spd (6L80)
Right Front Signal Lamp And Right Front Mirror On All The Time

2017 Chevrolet Silverado electrical …

Customer dropped off this vehicle stating that the right front Signal light and the right front mirror light stay on Always key on key off. Customer stated the problem started several months ago intermittent sometimes it will work fine sometimes it will just stay on no, other electrical issues in the entire vehicle everything else works as designed, The … story is about finding the problem with the least amount of Time and labor of course if you spent two days disassembling everything and poking and check in and pulling on connectors eventually you might get lucky and find a problem or if you change enough parts you might get lucky and fix the problem and most electrical issues The worst scenario is that the problem goes away before you have a chance to pinpoint it at that point you don't know what they did but somehow it did fix itself but you just don't know when the problem will come back again, the best method is to have a system how to check it, this will not only save your time and not purchase endless parts it would also make electrical …s enjoyable and a great brain exercise, it all begins with the studying of the wiring diagram in this case I would definitely recommend to log into GM service info and and have access to the original diagrams GM diagrams are interactive so it's easy to find every junction block every connector and location an electrical harness wiring map by studying it carefully,starting from the Body control module on backwards you'll get a complete map of where everything is laid out and figure out the easiest junction or connector where you can start testing, Mitchell and all data are terrific wiring diagrams however in this case you need the interactive diagrams, at the end only spent one hour on the car I concluded the electrical fuse box cover has not been securely snapped in place so water got into the electrical fuse box every time it rains or a car wash swelled up the connectors internally build up corrosion and …ed it out locally on GM you can just swap the top half of the fuse box, 


Mark Engineer

Jack Thanks for making the video. I often see vehicles for phantom electrical problems after they have a windshield replaced. The windshield tech doesn’t get the windshield sealed and water runs down the “A” pillar channel and fills the BCM. As the water moves while making a turn you get some real interesting issues

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Jesse Owner/Technician

The PDC's have been issues since their inception. Leaving the cover off is a BIG nono.

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Rick Owner/Technician

I just had a truck that was getting water in the headlight connector. It was causing all sorts of electrical problems. When I unplugged the headlight everything went to normal. I think there was a TSB

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Timothy Owner/Technician

Interesting, but nothing new. The UBECs, and PDCs have had issues forever. What I find truly interesting, was the total lack of sentences, capital letters, paragraphs, and incredibly long run-on sentences which made it very difficult to wade through your post.

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