Lexus lx570 audio no sound

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2013 Lexus LX570 5.7L (3UR-FE) 6-spd (AB60F)
No Sound


Customer brought car to my shop with audio sound problem, he said that the amplifier was stolen.

I order new amplifier from dealer part number (86280-0WA41). We installed it but still audio still no sound!

I connect scanner and find only 1 fault on the navigation system (B15D0:most communication fault).

I check power supply at amplifier and it's perfect, I check most circuit between amplifier and the multimedia module receiver assembly and it is good.

I do diagnostic mode on the multi display assy and you can see the result on the photo attachment.

Please advice and help.


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You will have to study this excellent tutorial by Martin... and, of course, wiring diagram: diag​.​net/msg/m4fyw8nk9s…

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A Faulty Speaker,can trigger this code! Check for an open or shorted harness at each speaker or poor conection, also check the output level from the amplifier. The stereo component amplifier assembly stops operating when its output exceeds a certain level, due to a short circuit at the speakers.

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Disconnect the F72 connector at the stereo and the F73 at the amp. The following resistance checks should be below 1 ohm: F72-2 to F73-5 F72-3 to F73-6 F72-4 to F73-7 F72-5 to F73-2 F72-6 to F73-3 F72-7 to F73-4 There should be no continuity between F72-2,3,4,5,6,7 and body ground.

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