Dorman, Chicken Sandwiches And Scan Tools Anyone?

Lucas Owner/Technician North Carolina Posted  

David summed up the last podcast SO WELL that I figured a copy and paste was in order:

Me: We should have Tanner Brandt on the podcast.

David : Yeah?

Me: Dude knows all things scan tools. I know we already talked to Brandon Dills about it, but maybe we can get a bunch of different perspectives on it.

David: That sounds good.

*Podcast recording begin

David: Let's talk about chicken sandwiches!

Lucas: 😐

Tanner: 🤨

David: 😁

Tanner: Are we going to discuss the topic you asked me to talk about on the podcast or nah?

Do we get to the topic?


Does Tanner rage quit the podcast because he got hungry?

Listen to find out!


On YouTube: youtu​.​be/a_d7FyZonY8