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2015 Toyota Sequoia SR5 5.7L (3UR-FBE) 6-spd (AB60E) — 5TDBY5G19FS115117
Security Theft / No Start

I have this 2015 Sequoia that was a crank no start. Had a P1604 startability fault in the engine module & a B2795 unmatched key code in the immobilizer module. Using my Autel Elite I was able to program the keys & got it to start & so far everything seems to be working fine. I am not experienced with Immo. My concern is what caused this initially & is it likely going to be a problem again? 

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Bad key is my guess. If the customer has a spare,have them use it only and see if the symptoms return. If they dont have a spare,now is as good a time as any to have one made up.

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Good thought thank you. I will suggest that to the client.

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Lost of memory.........

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