Torque Factor Episode 7 - Michael Ingvardsen - Nissens Automotive HVAC SME

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The latest episode of the Torque Factor Podcast has been released featuring Michael Ingrvardsen with Nissens Automotive on modern HVAC diagnostics. Check it out on YouTube or your favorite podcast feed.



Also included in this episode:

Scott also catches up with NASTF Manager, Donny Seyfer for an update on service issues NASTF is involved with and what new features NASTF has in their pipeline for security related vehicle issues.


Ford Motor Company (Ford) is recalling certain 2020 Ranger and F-150 vehicles equipped with 10-speed automatic transmissions and certain 2020 Expedition vehicles equipped with a "police" package. The transmission shift cable lock clip may not be fully seated, allowing the transmission to actually be in a different gear than the gear shift position selected by the driver. static​.​nhtsa​.​gov/odi/rcl/2020/R…​.​PDF

GM is recalling over 550k … Silverados due to a potential fire under the seats if a collision occurs resulting in the seatbelt pretensioner activation. static​.​nhtsa​.​gov/odi/rcl/2019/R…​.​PDF

Case Study from Diagnostic Network diag​.​net/msg/m672e3xqha…

Matthew Potter from Elmsdale Automotive posted an excellent case study on Diagnostic Network titled “Attention to Details!” Which outlines something we may encounter someday. This case study walks us through a diagnostic challenge he had when an engine swap took place on a 2010 Dodge Ram with the 5.7 EHZ engine with a used engine from a 2011.

Upcoming event - ASA NORTHWEST is hosting the Virtual Automotive Training Expo (ATE) on August 3-6, 2020 atetrainingexpo​.​com

Robert Owner
Kennett Square, Pennsylvania
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Hi Scott. I found very interesting your interview with Michael Ingrvardsen in Torque Factor 7, particularly the discussion of what I refer to as "HVAC Temperature Testing". I am a contract trainer and one of my major clients is MACS (Mobile Air Conditioning Society). A number of years back, a MACS Trainer - Larry Turay - took the time and effort to comprehensively look at temperature testing as…

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Scott Manager
Claremont, California
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Thank you Bob for the feedback and insight, I really appreciate the intel. I’ll check out LBT-272 soon. Have you used the sight glass that was discussed early on and If so, what’s been your experience?

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Robert Owner
Kennett Square, Pennsylvania
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Scott, Actually no - I have never used it - its from across the "big pond". But, it is available from Airsept in the U.S. - it is their # 90022 and (doncha know) Amazon has it for $165 plus shipping . . .

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