Code 64 -1. Sensor power supply

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2005 Acura TSX 2.4L (K24A2) 6-spd (ASU5)

hows everyone doing ? So I have this Acura I am doagnosing , it I termittenlty sets code 64-1.... I drove it with The scope hooked up to the sensor supply circuit at abs unit . I noticed the sensor supply voltage would drop and code will set . Sensor supply voltage would stay low .I checked all powers and grounds and they r ok . Also while it was low there was no short To ground on harness side . So I cut the wire at the abs unit .for the sensor supply orange wire . And nothing after a while ,Then it came back . i had the 5v supply to the yaw rate and steering angle sensor . I was thinking to myself I have misdiagnosed a couple modules before for intermittent problems only to come back and bite me and it being a short . So I duplicated A short myself . And really quick the voltage only drops but doesn’t stop . A short for a second will make the voltage Go away and sets code 64 and no Volts comes back after a while . So my next step for now is eliminating a short in the harness before condeming any component or module . So I cut at the abs unit and yaw and steering angle sensors and ran my own wires . i will see what happens but any one has any experience with this code being the module it self ? 

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Hi Adrean, I've never experienced this DTC but if the diagnostic for this DTC fell short, I'd be focusing on the module power/ground circuits and the 5v ref with the scope looking to capture the failure (single shot trigger on 5v ref). My thinking is that this would let you know if there was a problem upstream or not. If the 5v drops and power/ground pass, then you either have an intermittent

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Very interested in what you find with this one Adrian. Here i experience this code a lot with Honda's, it's always just been a recalibration/reset for me though. Seems to happen on certain models after a service for some reason. Sorry I can't be of more help.

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