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2011 Buick Regal CXL 2.0L (V LHU) 6-spd (6T45) — W04GW5EV2B1125054
Crank / No Start

Hi, Got a crank/no start tow in and quickly determined a timing chain issue. My first Ecotec timing chain. Upon tear down I found 3 of the 3 chain guides had failed and the front chain guide bolt had parted company with the head. Bent valves are still to be determined but my big question is, does anyone know what the "ring" I found laying near the bottom when I pulled the timing cover off is? Image attached. Image also includes the bolt I found. I know where the bolt goes but can't place the ring. Dimensions are: 42mm OD, 37.8mm ID, and 3.25mm thick. Also, does anyone have a good supplier for the Chain guide bolts? They don't seem to be included in any of the chain kits I've looked at. 

Paul Mechanic
Harvey, Illinois
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Can't help with the ring- I thought maybe a spacer between balancer and crank gear, but it has no allowance for keyway. If that bolt was located behind plug on cylinder head- I have seen that before, not sure of cause, especially how tight that plug is, but I had it where threads were worn in head. I loctited it and cut down a brake shoe retaining spring that fit the shoulder of bolt and just…

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Frank Owner/Technician
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Gary​.​check where balance chain rides on idler gear.I had the same piece and if i remember it was from that GEAR

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Raymond Mechanic
Midland, Michigan
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I believe that is part of the balance chain gear if memory serves right. As far as the bolts when you buy the factory kit from your local GM dealer it comes with the bolts.

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Gary Owner/Technician
Peck, Michigan
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Sorry for the delay, I'm still figuring out The Diagnostic Network. The part in question was indeed from the OEM balance shaft sprocket. I had to go to the AC Delco TC kit to get the guide bolts and had to helicoil one chain guide bolt hole (upper front, under the plug). Back on the road. Thanks for the assist.

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