Diesel Injection System Contamination Process

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What are your best practices for dealing with diesel fuel contamination. If you find poor filtration or water etc. do you replace the entire system? 

Do you use some kind of ultrasonic cleaning services or similar? 

Maybe you have a system regardless of whether or not you find obvious contamination?

Chris Technical Support Specialist
Commack, New York
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If you want to guarantee the job, the high pressure system will need to be flushed and all non flushable items (injectors, valves, pumps) should be replaced. Low pressure system should be evaluated and obviously filters and fuel should be replaced as well as cleaning of the tank. Small amounts of wear from lack of lubricity from water or contaminants can lead to future failures. Debris not…

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Stanislav Technical Support Specialist
Moscow, Russian Federation
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If fuel is contaminated, high quality filter must separate particles. You can check fuel contamination by cutting off the filter or checking fuel tank. Copper or steel particles and sand are very common there. The contamination of high pressure part is often caused by high pressure pump destruction because of bad lubrication or water in the fuel. Water is clearly identified by the rust ring…

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Robert Manager
Ann Arbor, Michigan
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Hello Bill, check out the attached document from Ford. This is the best document I've found to explain the cause for contamination, inspection and resolution.

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Bill Technician
Rosetown, Saskatchewan
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Awesome. Thank you.

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Bill Technician
Rosetown, Saskatchewan
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I am not sure if this a resolution to this question, but here is a fuel injector with damage from water. If water has gotten into the system the most correct course of action would be complete system replacement in my opinion. A hard pill to swallow...

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