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Hey everyone. Hows everbody doing.

I have question about updating scanner. Was wondering if i could buy and update for bosch ads625 and use the card on my mac tools mdt10 scanner. I do not have Mac tool dealer anymore. And can buy my update from my local advance auto parts store for the bosch tool. But i am not sure if it will work. When i updated it from Mac last year the card said bosch all over it. I know the home screens are different on scanners. But the rest seems the same. 

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Hey Chad, dont remember where I saw it, maybe iATN, but there was someone selling an ads625 update card because it wouldnt work to update his MDT10. Tell Dave to make you a trade in deal on the MDT10 for a Bosch badged unit

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Yes it was iATN, members​.​iatn​.​net/forums/read/ms…

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