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Anyone have any experience with the HTT ..??

I have found no one that has a "hands-on" review

The local rep is promoting this as an improvement to my Autel 906 -- I'm pretty skeptical

Autos .. mostly American, some BMW .. I have specialized software for Mercedes, so that's not an area of concern


Robert from Ballston



It has some coverage the Autel does not. However it is NOT a replacement for the Autel tool. The Autel in my opinion has much better coverage than the launch. By a long shot. If you are going to keep the Autel and add the launch it is another decent weapon in your arsenal. 


Dustin from Lakeland



From personal experience the launch does not program modules. So it cannot brick them and screw up vo like the autel can. It does however code and does well with keys and immo systems as the autel. They are cousins. And keep in mind that the autel "program" and "online functions" are stolen files. After bricking an Audi kombi pulling a secret key for a key adaptation and programming a BMW f chassis head light and receiving a bunch of suspension codes that did not exist for the vehicle, I now have odis and an legitimate icom unit. So beware of the autel in these cases. 


Bruce from Avon


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thanks much guys .. :)