Hello from the HD world!

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Google any light duty vehicle symptom. Tons of discussions. Google anything to do with HD. Crickets.

I don't know everything - in fact I learn I know even less than I thought I knew every subsequent year I am in the HD diesel diagnostic and repair field. However, I am not afraid to enter a discussion and learn from others. The last 10 years of my career have included dealership, fleet, rental and "mom and pop" shop experience. ASE master tech, Isuzu cert., Hino master elite, Mack/Volvo master, and certs from about everyone else out there. I understand all the systems on a Class 3-8 truck as well as the next guy but my concentration has been in emission diagnostics. Besides being a full-time Penske employee, I also am a SME (subject matter expert) for …, (think JPRO, DLA). I have found that to maintain competence as a SME for, inter alia, an HD software diagnostic company, continuity in the diagnostic and repair field is all but required.

I wish to be a participant, not merely a consumer on this forum. Any questions to do with JPRO, DLA, HDobd and HD protocols in general (J…, 15765) and especially with emissions systems (EGR, DPF/DPR, SCR, VGT), I would be happy to give my humble 2 cents and love to hear from others. Basically I would like to offer a channel for the HD'ers out there.


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Sean? Nicole? Penske? Trucksrgr8t? Who are you? To whom should questions be addressed? I have more questions regarding this strange post, but I will stop here for now. ;)

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Sean Manager
Greensboro, North Carolina
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If you have any serious questions or discussions to do with trucks, you can hit the little reply button. As stated, my name is Sean.

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Scott Manager
Claremont, California
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Hi Sean, One of our support staff reached out to Nicole via email yesterday regarding this account as it was clear that it was being used outside of our guidelines. As of this morning we've not seen a response. Since then, I personally reached out to the contact number provided by Nicole when she signed up for DN. Within the greeting, it was stated that the company she represents is Noregon. If

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Tyler Owner
Gilbert, South Carolina
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Welcome aboard Sean! There aren't too many HD people here yet, but I'm sure they will keep coming. You are right about Google and HD stuff, it is very limited. This is kind of a self plug, but here are two resources for you and anyone else. Both are free. TruckFaultCodes​.​com - Quick repair information on every commercial truck diagnostic code. You can use the website or the

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Sean Manager
Greensboro, North Carolina
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Thanks, Tyler! I have used those above sites and they are a great help in the field for a reference! I wish there was more casual dialogue from HD technicians sometimes, talking about the real world experiences. No "tool" can absolutely emulate the knowledge gained from hard knock experiences. And absolutely feel free to ask me Isuzu and Hino questions! Hino has a special love/hate place in my

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Michael Diagnostician
Champaign, Illinois
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Welcome Sean, I work on the big stuff like you. My experience is on Transit Buses. I work on Cummins, Thermo King, Allison Hybrid, Bae Hybrid, Vansco and Allen Bradley multiplexing, ZF, Meritor Wabco Abs, I do a ton of electrical and driveability work and I also use a Scope quite a bit also. If you ever get hung up on something I'm more than happy to assist.🙂

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Edwin Mobile Technician
Charleston, South Carolina
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Sean. I work on the ld and hd stuff. If you have questions don't hesitate to ask.

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