VW Compressor First Run Basic Settings on Manual Climate Controls

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Opus IVS
2011 Volkswagen Beetle Sport 2.5L (EA113) 6-spd (Tiptronic)
Activation A/C Compressor No Or Incorrect Basic Settings

After manual J301 A/C Control Module is replaced or A/C Compressor is replaced, fault … for “Activation A/C Compressor No or Incorrect Basic Settings” may be stored. On Manual A/C Control modules, you can perform basic settings on….

… VW Vehicles. 


  • Set the blower on position 1 or 2


  • Set airflow direction to “Vent”
  • Set temperature to “Full Cold”


  • Start the engine
  • Press and hold the Defront and A/C Buttons at the same time for 5-10 seconds until Defront, A/C and Recirc buttons are illuminated



  • Switch the engine OFF and remove key
  • Restart vehicle and recheck all functions

… Vehicles

Using scan tool, navigate to:

-Control module OBD

-Address 08 


-Enter 9 for current channel and enter Value 1

-Select apply and retest operation

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Anthony, thank you for the procedures!

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Anthony, great documentation.

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