2019 Chevrolet Travers No cranking

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2019 Chevrolet Traverse LT 3.6L (W LFY) 9-spd (9T65)
No Crank / No Start
All Computer Not Equipped

2019 Chevrolet Traverse LT





Vin : 1GNER8KW2KJ121872 

No crank/No Start,

Vehicle has accident front left area,

After accident no crank no start.

I've checked using launch x431, All computers seems not equipped, when shifting Automatic Transmission shift lever, no red indicator on meter P,R,N,D,L even no indicator on shift lever red light indicatin where is the shifting positio on ATM,

I've checked all power supply to the ECM using schematic diagram, all seems intact, checked fuse box under hood seems good, checked Body Control Module under center console, seems good, check engine appears on meter, when switch off and switch on again, Combination meter not showing all indicators unless push clutch pedal, DLC power existed, ground existed, but no communication, checked TCM power supply ground, normal, checked continuity between TCM and Automatic Transmission, normal, checked 3 wires to indicate shifting lever, +ve and -ve good, checked 6 wires to lock & unlock shift lever, normal, when push brake pedal, current coming to wire no 4, checked power transformer, powers and grounds, normal, checked Body Control Module powers and grounds, normal, attached here service manual, vehicle GCC 

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by my wiring schematic ALL communications to the data link connector are thru a serial gateway module…..from what you are stating you have no communication with any modules? if that is so you need to find out why you cannot communicate with the gateway module…it is on the left side of the dash

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Mortada Diagnostician
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Thank you dear sir, I've checked ohms between pin no. 6 BLU and pin no. 14 WHT on DLC to know why no communication between my scanner and serial data gateway module : 1 ohm instead of 60 ohms, even there is short circuit between tow pins 6 & 14 on DLC, also checked continuity test between pin 6 BLU 2500 DLC and Body Control Module X1 pin 25 BLU (HI SPD GMLAN SERIAL DATA(+)1) : good, and pin…

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Mortada Diagnostician
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Found wire cut : from : HI SPD GMLAN SERIAL DATA(-1), 25 WHT 2501, ELECTRONIC BRAKE CONTROL MODULE going to : 68 WHT 2501, X200, X2 pin 5 HI SPD SERIAL DATA GATEWAY MODULE.

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