Intermittent vibration

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2019 INFINITI QX60 Luxe 3.5L (VQ35DD) (RE0F10J)

Driving some 8 hours on the hwy with a few stops in between no vibration, a few days later between 1 to 2 hours of driving the QX60 started to vibrate around 75mph -80 mph, my first thought was a separated tire, we pulled over, I inspected the tires and lug nuts everything looked good, got back on the hwy around 60 felt slight vibration then 65 a little more. We pulled into a tire shop they balanced the tires a couple were out slightly, max ¾ an ounce. We got back on the road no vibration for the next 4hours. We pulled off to gas up, back on the hwy about 10 min we felt a slight vibration again around 60mph. Let off the gas still felt it, popped into neutral still felt it, back into drive and within a minute or so, smooth sailing for the next few hours from 60 to 75mph. 

Never experienced a vibration to come and go like that Has anyone seen this? 

This is a front wheel drive. With 25,000 miles

Thanks Fred 

Glenn Owner/Technician

Hello Fred, Troubles like this typically require using an NVH kit to track down the exact problem. From my experience a vibration that comes and goes at different times and speeds can involve a bearing or even a weak strut shock. All vibration creates a frequency an NVH kit can find this. There are even smart phone downloads available now that will perform these diagnostics.

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Jeff Owner/Technician

Sounds like the active motor mount has a leak.

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Obie Technician

My first thought is water or something in a tire. Lousy shop air can put water in and it doesn't take much. I have seen loose tire patches, pieces of inflation devices, a rag once and who knows what else. I would have the inside of the tires inspected. At least then you know what it is not!

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Gino Owner/Technician

Get the tires balanced on a balance machine that factors in the road . I think Hunter uses that technology

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Fred Owner/Technician
Fred Resolution

Talked to the local Nissan dealership, they seen this cvt trans cause this exact issue many times, it appears Infinity is going to dump the cvt for the QX60, they are using a 9 speed now. This is the only thing that makes sense, tires look good, axles no noise and spin true. Bearing tight no noise same with Motor mounts, the only possibility is a trans problem, Nissan did say the brake light…

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