Outside Door Handle Switches Inoperative

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2019 Chevrolet Traverse High Country 3.6L (W LFY) 9-spd (9T65) — 1GNEVKKW9KJ202277
Unable To Lock Or Unlock Doors On Driver Side

So I get a call from a body shop that after doors replaced and right B pillar / rocker repair the doors will not lock or unlock from outside handle. The technician was convinced that by removing the doors, the DDM lost it's programming. My experience is that on GM vehicles this it is rare to loose programming. Being a 2019 anything is possible. When I got there, I did some preliminary checks. I was able to determine that the passenger side of the vehicle the locks worked fine at the outside door handles. The drivers side did not work. After some more checking, I asked about the perimeter antenna for the proximity key (pushbutton start vehicle). The technician then remembered that the wire to an antenna was severed in the crash. He stripped back the wires and spliced them. Ta Da! The handles work again! Below is a picture of the antenna. It was mounted on the rocker panel below the left rear door.


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Hi Mike. Good job. Just in case you run into something similar in the future with passive entry button malfunctions on other GM models, I'd recommend taking a look at GM PSB # 18-NA-303. It provides some interesting information about passive entry using the outside door handle buttons. Through 2018 model year an owner can have the feature programmed off, if they are concerned about "relay…

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