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2004 GMC Sierra 1500 4.3L (X LU3) 4-spd (4L60-E)

Customer called asking me about unlocking a radio for them, and if it has to match the RPO code in the glove box. Can it be unlocked via a scan tool [non tech2] as mine is broke, or will it need programmed. And can a different radio be programmed to the vehicle. I haven't done a replacement with a different RPO, and ever tried one w/o having a tech2 on hand, plus can't remember the last time i did one if ever. 

Thank, Brian

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tech 2 or SPS will be required - strongly recommend matching RPO code of original build

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Gary Owner/Technician
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I've always just called the local dealer (that I do business with) with the VIN and got the unlock code from them.

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Robert Mobile Technician
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You should be able to unlock the radio with the Tech2. SPS started taking affect around 2006 or 07. I have upgrade the radio system in certain vehicles. You just have to decipher the RPO's which can be crazy depending on the YMM

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Hi Brian, Any questions to whether this module, radio...require programming can me checked for free at tis2web​.​service​.​gm​.​com/tis2web FWIW - this does require SPS and I would stick with the same RPO code for the radio. Although you can upgrade from lets say a single disc to a 6 CD changer as long as it was an offered option for that vehicle.

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Brian Owner/Technician
Brian Update

Thanks everyone. still waiting for the vehicle. Sorry for the long delay.

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