The Value of scheduled Maintenance even if it doesn't get used a lot

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Case Study
2011 Harley Davidson FLSTF Fat Boy
Poor Performance
Running Hot
Idles High

OK, So My wife has a 2011 Harley Davidson Fat Boy about 9K miles. (We bought it new in 11, the 12's were on the floor)that doesn't get a lot of use. Earlier this year I got it out checked the tire pressures and charged the battery. It started and I sent her on her way. She rides it a couple of times and complains that the idle is high and it is extremely hot. As I was busy I instructed her to park it and I would get to it. Since I am not a Harley tech I decided to search some forums for some clues. After a couple quick searches I determined an oil change would be a good start. Probably 2 seasons and a couple hundred miles. I change all 3 fluids and to my surprise on my test drive it is extremely under powered. The exhaust has an extremely rich smell. WTH? So I decide to keep it simple. I remove the air filter for a quick visual. Holy Moley this thing it plugged solid. A quick trip to the parts store and my wife's bike runs like a champ. I know it is trivial and I share it because I think we have all done this. The biggest question I asked myself was why wasn't I checking it at every service like I do the car? I think I am going to change my annual service on her bike. Maybe she will ride it more. 

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Good one Sam! I think many of us jump into "deep, high tech" diagnostics too fast at times. So, a reminder to check the basics and perform the scheduled maintenance is appreciated and appropriate!

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Excellent share Sam. So important for us to remember the simple stuff. Chalk it up "The cobbler's children wear no shoes." the last ATG class I was at the instructor told the story of diagnosing a low-power complaint on the personal truck of another shop owner. Apparently multiple parts had been replaced prior to it going to the instructor's shop. After a quick volumetric efficiency test, one of…

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