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Hey guys I just wanted to promote this link for the new online video class by John Thorton hosted by Automotive Seminars. diag​.​net/msg/m2ho3tbsqp… I know many people know who John is already but some don't. I have personally been to classes by John hosted by Automotive Seminars off and on since 2013. What I have learned revolutionized my automotive career. Anyway this is the first online video class offering from Automotive Seminars. All the instructions are in the link I posted above. Tim Houghtaling, owner of Automotive Seminars provides an excellent service between techs and instructors. He actually answers the phone when you call the number. I just purchased a WPS500X kit a few months ago and am looking forward to learning many new things in this class an encourage others to join this great opportunity!!

David Instructor
Kokomo, Indiana
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Hi Caleb - Nice to see an OEM dealer tech getting great aftermarket training like John Thornton provides! I have family in the area who drive Chevys - now I know where to send them! Keep up the good work! Question: I know GM has the Picoscope with it's NVH diagnostic adapter/module for finding the source of noises and vibrations. Does GM officially promote / train / equip their techs for…

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Caleb Technician
Mishawaka, Indiana
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Hey Dave. Thanks for the reply. I would like to type a very long answer lol. However Ill just answer your question. They are just starting to introduce the PICO as a diagnostic tool. As far as I know the scope lead set is not yet a required tool. I have never been to a hands on GM class, not sure if they use it there or not. In a dealer of over 20 line techs of various abilities I am the only…

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Brian Instructor
Parma, Ohio
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Caleb , I miss the GM classes when Cleveland used to have a training center, it was top notch training when I attended classes there 97-2000. I am very curious to see see how GM is looking at the Pico scope.

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Anthony Technical Support Specialist
Kirkwood, Pennsylvania
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Hi Brian: Wasn't amazing how they managed to go from 28 schools to 7 and improve training. Well, until they realized that they didn't and then reopened some schools. Ah, the legacy of Jim Roche, Jr. Well, that and SBD. That's all a tech needs to know. Guido

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