Honda HDS 3.104.002 Install Fail

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Hey, all!

I hadn't used Honda i-HDS since February, and went to update it today with Honda Download Manager. I have tried half a dozen times, but 3.104.002 won't install properly. It goes through the prompts, but at the end of the run cycle it consistently says that it failed to install and won't run. I've got my anti-virus progs suspended.

Has anyone experienced the same thing?

Bob Owner/Technician
East Longmeadow, Massachusetts
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You may need to have a current subscription.

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Kyle Technician
Orlando, Florida
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I re-upped today. I originally thought it might be a delay in the sub processing server.

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Luis Technician
Lake Forest, California
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Download manager has updates weekly sometimes daily if you haven't use since Feb and you have a current paid subscription you have to download all new updates Call iHDS support … they can remotely help you

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Josh Diagnostician
Jacksonville, Florida
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Uninstall only the download manager and reinstall and follow the prompts to run the setup. Once complete it should automatically start the update. If it does not, open download manager and click check and install.

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Gary Owner/Technician
Hydes, Maryland
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I had a similar issue yesterday updating my system. Every update program would go through I-HDS, Immobilizer, etc, except for HDS. I called Honda and they dialed into my machine, changed a few things and loaded it a different way. Its working fine now. They were very quick and professional when I spoke with them.

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