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Pete Technician Florida Posted  

OK, you’re on the fence about investing in a DSO – Digital Storage Oscilloscope. Or you (or the shop) have one but it’s sitting in the bottom drawer of your toolbox, gathering dust. And it isn’t making you any money sitting idle in your toolbox!

You’ve seen the YouTube videos – you may have even attended a class or two. You know it’s a valuable and powerful diagnostic tool. You know it can be used to perform advanced troubleshooting tests, like in-cylinder engine diagnostics. And you also know those advanced tests require not only the scope but high priced accessories to go along with it. And you’re excited about putting those tests to work but haven’t really gotten comfortable with the most basic functions of the scope yet. Before you spend any more money on more tools that will just gather more dust, watch this informative Motor Age/TST webcast!

Pete and G. will show you how even the most affordable scope can be put to work to increase your paycheck right out of the box. Learn how to “see” the voltage drop in any electrical circuit and why only a scope will show you these problems in high speed circuits like fuel injectors and ignition coils. Know if your driveability concern is a potential mechanical problem without pulling spark plugs, without performing a conventional compression test and without an amp clamp! Learn how to make the most out of the basic tool – and then add to its capabilities with accessories!

Thanks to Pico Technology, we are able to offer this webinar FREE to everyone who registers! And even better! One lucky registrant will be drawn at random to receive Pico's Premium 6-Way Breakout Test Lead kit!


So make plans now to join us June 20, 2019 at 7 pm Eastern and put that tool to work for you! Register at