wiTECH 1.0 Aftermarket MicroPODs "Turned Off"?

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2007 Jeep Liberty Limited 3.7L (K) 4-spd (42RLE)—1J4GL58K87W697072
Will Not Flash

Vehicle: 2007 Jeep Liberty (KJ) VIN: 1J4GL58K87W697072

I was called in to "program and set up" a brand new Chrysler ABS Module on this vehicle today. I still use the wiTECH 1.0 with an unsecured MicroPOD2 (lower S/N than what can be used with wiTECH 2.0). Until today's attempts, I had been able to perform all the functions needed on all the vehicles to which I had attached the device. When selecting the ABS Module, then the "FLASH" folder tab, it showed "no flash files available for this module". The module had a blank VIN and Firmware number, but did show it was loaded with calibration P/N: …AC (so it WAS communicating with it). There were 5 DTCs regarding incomplete setup (would NOT initialize, error-ed out), SAS not learned, VIN Mismatch, etc., all as expected. I had the shop-owner verify module replacement procedures, which he claims he did, and said "Identifix said the same generic stuff they say for all modules".

I fired up my older laptop, one which I had been using prior to May, 2018 (when I upgraded to a business class notebook) and got the same results.

Feeling since it was a 2007 vehicle that MAYBE it had to be done with a DRB III, I downloaded the ABS calibration file successfully, but the tool could not "see " the module once I attached to the vehicle. I ran a network test, which showed 6 modules, but no ABS module! I attached a generic tool, which talked to the module just fine. This told me it was probably on a CAN network, which the DRB III could not access (then why could I load the file for it???). Arrrrgh!

I tried a J-2534 flash but saw only Powertrain-related modules were available there.

I could have tried a few other things but the shop was closing for the day. This was enough frustration for me anyway.

My suspicions are: possibly FCA has shut off aftermarket wiTECH 1.0 MicroPOD2s. Possibility #2: Faulty module. Possibility #3: Tech installed the new module improperly, bending pins or something, which led to the initialization sequence failure.

I did not try to flash other modules in the vehicle (darned it). This might have told me if that function had been turned off.

In the motel tonight I searched the Tech Authority site and the procedure is to initialize the module (no mention of flash).

My questions: Has anyone not been able to perform all the wiTECH functions using an unsecured MicroPOD2? Do you agree with me it was probability #2 & #3 more likely?

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Kevin from Ocala



Thank you for the write-up​ We ran into this problem a few months ago and talked to Chrysler about it and we're told it was because our serial number was below the number that was needed. This caused us to have to purchase the secured micropod 2 from Chrysler for all functions to work again. Hope this helps.

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Dustin from Cleveland



Prob Chrysler disabling it. Wanting more $

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Steve from Puyallup



i had to upgrade to the witech 2.0 as well this summer, luckily I hand a late enough version of the dongle and just had to purcase the subscription.

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Jaime from Ocala



You guys DO realize, Chrysler HAS to keep a wiTECH 1.0 system working because of the holes in the wiTECH 2.0 software AND so that they have a DRB III Emulator to use (that is built into 1.0 software, but not 2.0). Right?

When I was told I needed to "upgrade", and pointed out their kb article instructing dealers to do so, I was told (Donny, NASTF) we have the until Dec. 2017 or they won't work anymore. I'm still using mine, with all the functions except what's needed when you log into T.A. They lied about our NEED to "upgrade". Then they saw their problem... and took all the kb articles out of the hands of those who didn't "upgrade". They despise having their own information used against themselves, is my guess why they felt the need to do so.

Oh, and while we're discussing FCA screwing the aftermarket (but it should probably be in a new thread), how many of you guys were locked out of using your DRB III Emulator? Dealers still use the one embedded in wiTECH but we can't??? NASTF agreed with FCA on my SIR, that we can PURCHASE one if we want to use it, which, BTW, I recently read those may be obsolete in a short period too (will stop working).

So, back to my original question... Some of you said FCA said you needed to "upgrade" to 2.0. Before you called them, were you still able to use the wiTECH 1.0 software, just not able to FLASH? Or did it give you the message about your device serial number (etc., blah, blah, blah) and not allow you to use ANY function of 1.0?

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Michael from Clinton


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There are a few model years out there that are in no man's land. It seems to be in the 2007 year range. There are modules that are CAN and modules that are Pre-CAN. I ran into this last week when attempting to program a PCM on a Jeep Liberty. These model years were covered originally by the Star Scan. I found that the Autel was able to cover the Liberty I was working on. Not sure about the ABS module with Autel. The Witech 1.0 does work better with these models than the Witech 2.0. My experience is that the "real" Micropods are not being burned, it is the software that is burned from being online. There is a message that pops up about Sunset or "This vehicle is covered by Witech 2.0".

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Jaime from Ocala



Thanks for your reply Michael. Yes, I get the "sundown" message every time I log into T.A. when using wiTECH. I think you are correct about this 2007 Liberty, having two networks, one being CAN.

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Jaime from Ocala



Resolution achieved:

T.A. procedure for ABS Module replacement instructs the tech to access the BCM, and to perform vehicle configuration reset from there. 99% of all FCA/DCX vehicles I've seen, had that function on the first wiTECH screen (and at the time I was working on the vehicle, I did not know the correct procedure... Identifix / Mitchell gave generic instructions). After performing that task the tech is instructed to perform the ABS Initialization.

The customer did not know this information because he hadn't checked his e-mail yesterday morning. I sent him the procedure the night before. However, he wanted to inspect the ABS Module pins to see if his tech had bent any when installing the replacement module. As is his customary procedure, whenever disconnecting any module, he first disconnected the vehicle's battery. All the pins were OK and everything was reassembled.

He then started the vehicle and noted NO ABS light, no MIL and no other indicator which shouldn't be illuminated! Curiously, he scanned the vehicle for codes and found only the ABS Initialization needed to be performed! After doing so and clearing codes, all was good in his world again.

My guess: Disconnecting the battery (and I wonder if the terminals happened to touch during that time) reset the vehicle configuration in the BCM, so when the BCM was re-powered, it "saw" the replacement ABS Module, wrote the VIN to it and no scanner was needed to perform the function. Once the ABS Initialization was performed and DTCs cleared, no further action was necessary.

I hope this information helps someone in the future.

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Marlin from Estacada



Thanks, Jaime. If nothing else, it helps me despise FCA even more!

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