BMW F30 water cooled A/C condenser

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2018 BMW 330i 2.0L (B46B20O0) 8-spd (8HP50) — WBA8B9C55JK886537
No A/C

2018 BMW 330i has no, or intermittent a/c operation. 

A/C high side was running to 400 psi and triggering compressor cycling. The airflow through condenser seemed fine. The customer checked for the correct quantity of R1234yf in system.

Checked parts listing and found the condenser is not air cooled, (technically it still is…), its water cooled and part of the “Low-temperature coolant circuit”.

Body shop drained the coolant from the system and didn’t refill it.

Here are the repair instructions for the Auxiliary  Pump

here is a functional description of the system

here is a description of the separate coolant tanks

Saifullah Diagnostician

Thanks!! Great tip!

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Brian Owner

That was a interesting one the 1st time we came across it. If you do not have coolant in the aux tank the compressor will not turn on enough to suck in a charge of refrigerant. Thanks for sharing!

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