2013 Cherokee fuel pump relay update

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2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 3.6L (ERB) 5-spd (W5A580)—1C4RJEAG6DC584129
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Hey guys, I just want to share this with you, most likely you have already seen this but juts to refresh our brains, we see the manufacturers do something like this over and over again, and is good for business right? this case on particular has a modification on the fuel pump relay which is internal relay (part of the TIPM module), now, this relay is been clearly modified, now is external and I was thinking that it was unprofessional but it turns out that that modification is directly from the dealer, they sell the kit to perform this modification (CBWPR091AA), this is the part number and you get the whole package, good idea right? well it turns out that sometimes the modification is not enough, don't forget to do a current draw on the circuit (may be the reason the relay blows?), anyway this Jeep has the modification already done but the fuse blows due to a high current draw from the fuel pump, the fuse is only 20 amps capacity and look at the current, kind of high right. Have fun guys and keep up the good work.

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Lahaina, Hawaii
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Great point. That Fluke 365 with "detachable jaw" is super cool! I hadn't seen that before

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Ron Owner/Technician
Turners falls , Massachusetts
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There’s a recall on these and that was the fix at the start and they realized it didn’t work so they stopped doing that and have been telling customers that they will contact them when they have a fix they do not install those anymore

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Allan Mechanic
Westlock, Alberta
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Yes they do install them. The relay itself is the problem. There was silicon contamination on the recall part and the relay will be replaced with an updated one

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Ron Owner/Technician
Turners falls , Massachusetts
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Maybe in Canada they are but down here there not I actually have one of these for my wife and customers have them and I just called the local dealer when I saw your post and they said they are not doing anything yet

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Darren Technician
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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If the external relay fails , you can put an aftermarket relay in to the factory recall installed external connector. To get by until the factory part is available , if ever. They have been working on it since 11-2019

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Stephen Technician
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Typical fuel pumps run in the under 10 amp area. Why is this one pulling 22amps? If that’s normal, fuse and wire size according to actual current flow to prevent “false” failures. The connections to the relay are as important as the relay, itself. As to the “unprofessional” aspect; few police, fire, utility service and other special purpose vehicles could exist without a lot of that type…

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