Hyundai/Kia Programming Voltage

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Anyone work at a hyundai/kia dealer or that can tell me what the programming voltage is set to on the gr8 charger for programming supply voltage or check for me? I’ve looked in service info but it appears the gr8 has hyundai/kia software that it is using because now voltage spec is given. I know what acceptable ranges are but am looking to know what the dealer charger is set to as I need it for a project.

Kenneth Diagnostician
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The GR8 is set to a charging voltage of 13.5 volt. when it set to power supply mode. I don’t work at the Kia dealer but we do have as part of the franchise. I called that’s what the shop Forman said.

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Tanner Instructor
Wellford, South Carolina
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Thank you sir!

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Saifullah Diagnostician
Ottawa, Ontario
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Hyundai vehicles are not as sensitive as dodge, ford, bmw, mercedes etc. Eeven if you keep it at 12.7v no issues at all. 13.5 is a general rule for 99% of vehicle programming.

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Rassiel Technician
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We dont use it at all, I have done programmings with 11.5 volts (reckless I know) and no issues

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Aivar Mechanic
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Less 11,8V is not good. I use smart charger in supply mode(constant 13,5V) for programming

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Babu Owner/Technician
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I use iota 55amp with most vehicles , no issues , voltages vary from 13.8 to 14.2, u can tell by looking at charging voltage its a clue as to what u can go by

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Tanner Instructor
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OEM recommended voltage is 13.5V

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