Myth - We can't charge that much!

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During the webinar on increasing labor rates with Cecil, Rocky and Patrick I was reminded of the myth that we can't charge more for what we do. Over the years I've heard "I can't charge for that" or "customers won't pay that much" or "how can we charge this much when they are charging so much less for the same thing". We've all heard it, thought it or said it at some point in our careers. I'm probably preaching to the choir here but this myth is still alive and well in our industry.

Randy Analyst

ftc​.​gov/tips-advice/co… ”Price fixing is an agreement (written, verbal, or inferred from conduct) among competitors that raises, lowers, or stabilizes prices or competitive terms.” I know someone that was prosecuted for discussing prices to charge customers in a group setting. He lost.

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Nick Manager

Thanks for the info Randy. We definitely don't want to engage in price fixing and I had no intention of suggesting it. I was simply pointing out what I believe to be a myth or faulty mindset in the industry. I'll leave it up to the discretion of the administrators at Diag​.​net to take down the post if they feel it should be removed.

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