Super Saturday Snap-On Scope Class

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Super Saturday is less than 2 weeks away! Fortunately, there is still time to SIGN UP! Classes are selling out quick so hurry up and get signed up before its too late!!!

TBT's own Brin Kline will be presenting his "Mastering Your Snap-On Scope" Class with his favorite assistant Brian Culotta as Co-Pilot. 

This is a HANDS ON - all day class where they will be discussing how to make the most of your tool. If your Snap On scope leads are pristine and still in the bag, you are not alone. If you’re relying on the component test function on your Snap On scope because you struggle with set up, you’re not alone. 

Today’s scan tools are powerful but there are times when a scan tool is not enough. Not for us, we are professionals and demand to be confident that our recommendation will repair the vehicle. In this class, you will learn to how to acquire the captures needed to confidently diagnose the vehicles in your bay using your Snap On scope.

Visit paautotraining​.​com to sign up!

Also, Stop by our Trained By Techs Booth at the event! We all will be there. Hope to see ya'll soon!

Eric Owner/Technician
Peoria, Illinois
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Thanks Chris, I am sure Brin will kill it and it will be a very informative class for those who want to expand their knowledge of this scope and its operation. Super Saturday is an awesome event and tradeshow put on by some fine folks with great passion for our industry!! Hope to see many of you there. Peace, E

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Jim Mobile Technician
Southampton, Pennsylvania
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Without a doubt, I see too many shops with nice equipment and only using a small portion of it's capable. Get that Snap-On unit charged up and register for this Great Hands On class. I have personally witnessed what Brin can do with this equipment, you will be using it a lot more after you learn exactly what it can do for you. See you at Super Saturday.

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Jason Technician
Hawthorne, New Jersey
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I really wished this event was a 2 day thing. I'm already signed up for Erik Zieglers class and Jorge menchu class. I would've loved to take Brins class. Being trained by Brin and Bryan for a whole day, As a technician....... u will never be the same again. Those guys are top notch. See u there guys

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David Diagnostician
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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I would just like to put out there that Brin's class is filled, being a partially Hands-On class the class was limited. Still seats available for some of the best trainers I ever had the privilege to be taught by, especially Eric Ziegler and John Thornton. Also because of the HUGE numbers signing up this year we need to cut off online registration Friday evening, we are close to 300 this year…

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Jim Mobile Technician
Southampton, Pennsylvania
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YEP, David Wagner. If you remember the second I saw who would be coming in to present classes, I told you I would NOT be presenting at this year's SUPER SATURDAY for the first time because I wanted to sit in as many of the classes as possible. What a GREAT Training opportunity right in our own Backyard.

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Michael Owner/Technician
Quakertown, Pennsylvania
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Brin did an awesome job presenting the class in my opinion. He explained the content very well and I felt like I left the class knowing more and i'll be more confident in using my scope (even though it'll be my Pico, shhhhh)

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