Toyota Transmission Compensation Code

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Hi Everyone,

Many late model Toyota Transmissions have a sticker that contains the Transmission Compensation Code. This Code is suppose to be programmed to the ECM when a replacement Transmission is installed. The problem I have ran into lately is when a used Transmission is installed. The sticker is often times unable to be read, due to being faded, dirty, or painted over. 

Does anyone know if this Compensation Code can be found anywhere else on the Transmission? 

Is it something Toyota could provide, if they were given a Serial Number from the Transmission, like Nissan does on some units?


Craig Mobile Technician
Watkinsville, Georgia

I have attached a picture of a generic Compensation Code Sticker from Service Information.

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Michael Diagnostician
Parsippany, New Jersey


I too have run into this before (unable to read compensation code). the trans will shift without the compensation code input into the PCM or TCM. It will eventually learn proper shift calibration however this may take some time. As far as I know the only place the code appears is on that decal (I am not aware of any other place it lives nor have I been able to find out after some research). I would set the proper fluid level, reset ECT memory, reset fluid thermal degration estimate (if applicable), and thoroughly road test the vehicle (30+ miles) to verify it feels ok during upshift/downshift/decel. If it feels good let it roll.

Keep in mind, some Toyota/Lexus transmissions have a shift learn procedure (printed in the repair manual). This involves reaching certain speeds while commanding certain gear positions (with shift lever, sport shift mode, or in some cases paddle shifters). The procedure varies from model to model and personal experience has shown that shift shock and proper shift timing/feel has improved after performing the road test outlined in the Repair Manual (in TIS it can be found under transmission ”Initialization”). I will try to attach an example of this “Initialization” road test procedure however this will vary from model to model so I recommend following the info printed in the repair manual (TIS) based on the vehicle model and transmission type you are working with. 

I hope this info helps answer at least some of your question.


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Craig Mobile Technician
Watkinsville, Georgia

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the response. I will make sure to pass along the info about performing the proper road test procedures to my Customers. 

Another question I do have is, what exactly is the Compensation Code in reference to?

Many other Manufacturers have information pertaining to Solenoid Flow Characteristics that has to be inputted when a Transmission or Valve Body is replaced. From what I have seen in Service Information though, just replacing the Valve Body or Solenoids, only requires an A/T Code Reset and an Initialization (Reset Memory) on these Toyota Transmissions.

Only the replacement of the entire Transmission requires the inputting of the Compensation Code, Just trying to understand exactly what this code accounts for. 

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