No Fun for the L-Series anymore

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Man I just got done renewing my L1 and L2 ASE's and MAN I usta really enjoy sailing through these things but now they're makin' ‘em HARD and WAAAAAH I’m tired drained and beat up when I finished. Or maybe I'm just a lot dumber than I used to be ;)

Much more on the level of the Ca. BAR Smog Repair test now- they're good tests and I'm proud to have passed them but gee it made me appreciate how really hard all this stuff really is.

Hard to get young people to go into this industry when if they can succeed here they can probably succeed anywhere. Most other trades seem so much easier…

Tony Owner/Technician

I can't remember much about the L1 I took a few years ago but it was easy. Do they still have a composite vehicle booklet to reference? I can't even remember if that was still a paper publication - I did PC testing at a Prometric center. The only composite vehicle I can remember was similar to an early 2000's GM with V6 and a basic 4 speed AT using 2 shift solenoids. That might have been two L1…

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Kevin Mobile Technician

I always wondered how many pool questions they have for the recert tests and if they rotate. I've recertified three times now and I don't think they've ever seemed any harder, but it's fine years later, so who knows. I beta tested the L4 last year when it was around 100 questions and I thought it was pretty easy in comparison to the L1 and L3. They finally graded the final 40 question L4 and I…

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Rex Technical Support Specialist

Agreed, plus many other industries don't seem to change anywhere near as fast in the technology. I don't know this for a fact but because of industry codes and standards that have to be considered I don't think HVAC, plumbing or building electrical has seen any where near the change automotive has in the last 20 years. I'm guessing there is very little those techs do as far as programing of…

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Timothy Owner/Technician

I agree that the other trades are not as difficult, as far as the depth of knowledge required. The skill set is radically different. How many times have we seen electricians wiring a vehicle with solid core wires and twist on cap nuts in a place where they need to be weatherproof, and they're just hanging out there? That's just a different trade. OTOH, the other trades pay significantly more…

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Mark Manager

Coulda, shoulda, woulda. Too late too change now. If I had stuck with my IBEW apprenticeship, I'd be retired now on $6000 a month (at60%), instead of still working at 67. Yes those boot prints on my backside are from my boots…

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Dominick Technician
New Jersey

I agree, still working to at 59

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