DN Interactive Audio Segment #3: “DN Partner Profiles: Jorge Menchu & AES Wave”

Scott Manager California Posted   Edited  

Hello everyone,

We have just uploaded a new DN podcast segment for one of the new areas of our DN Interactive/Multimedia and we’ll be bringing you more of these audio segments into April. 

Broadcast Journalist and Automotive Educator Steve Ford has joined our team at DN to help us with our podcast media and communications and was with us at the Vision Hi-Tech Training & Expo in Kansas City this month to catch up with many of you. Below is a link to a DN visit with our fellow industry advocate, technician, trainer and tool manufacturer Jorge Menchu.

In this DN Partner Profile and technician spotlight, we learn about how Menchu took his teenage curiosities from his high school ‘Auto Shop’ through his years as a tech in the service bay, to ultimately become a leading service industry technology inventor and pioneer. He explains his pride in our industry and how we have evolved, and what Menchu considers the precise moment mechanics became genuine “technicians” — as well as why he values seeing our industry face our challenges as opportunities for us to do what we do best: bring the best “solutions” together:

We’re working on several more visits from our discussions at Vision 2019 and we’re also looking forward to posting some special segments ahead to address news, trends, and discussions about the growing world of mobile diagnosticians, the future career tracks of A1 techs, front-line technician diagnostics stories with “best lessons learned,” issues and advancements in the realm of telematics, and more. As always, your ideas and feedback are central to what’s ahead!



FYI: Here's the link back the the 1st episode we pushed out just ahead of Vision 2019: