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Why should Labor Rates be higher??

Join Rocky …​, Cecil J Bullard​, and Patrick Howard​ as they discuss Setting Labor Rates within your shop, and find out for yourself. As well as the difference between effective labor rate and posted labor rate. Recorded 8-29-18.

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Michael Mobile Technician
Clinton, Utah
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Hi Rocky, I really like the attitude of your team. I was not expecting that you would see employees as an asset. I hear shop owners complain about not finding good help but are not willing to pay the price to get it. Their P&L will only allow 25% of total cost to be labor. What I heard on your podcast is that 40% is a reasonable number. (Wage, Uniforms, Matching Funds, Workman's

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Pete Mechanic
Newark, Delaware
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Michael, you match them with lower experienced techs, in a team format. A top tech leading a team of 2-3 other techs will produce huge numbers, if management is doing its job a 3 man team like this can produce over a million a year which makes paying everyone fairly a piece of cake.

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Nick Manager
Culver City, California
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Thanks for the training Cecil, Rocky and Patrick!

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Hans Diagnostician
Salt Lake City, Utah
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Thanks for sharing, great episode! I know labor rates and technician pay will need to go up, the amount of tooling and knowledge required for new cars is staggering. I was at the dentist recently and they are only required 20 hours of training a year to keep up their certification. Not much when the only thing that changes is the technology used to clean and inspect teeth. While there is no

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